Support Ms. McNutt's Classroom

Support Ms. McNutt's Classroom
Posted on 06/26/2018
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Students will not only be creating a one of a kind felt stuffed monster that they design, but they will also be walking through the steps of a real life art career. Students have so much pride and joy when they create something to show off to their friends and family.

Students will learn about character design and what goes into portraying emotion in a character. Students will draw out different character designs and emotions using the drawing paper and colored pencils. Then students will learn what it is like to be a seamstress and a little bit of fashion design as they create sewing templates for their monsters with the cardstock. Next students will use the sharpies to trace and plan out their templates onto the felt. Students will learn the real world trade of sewing when they start to sew their projects together with the embroidery floss. This is an experience that they could use outside of the classroom.

At this age group, career building is a huge part of the classroom curriculum and we would be exploring multiple careers in art during this project. I have done this project in the past and students begged me to continue with this project. Due to budget cuts and loss of materials I am no longer capable of doing this project.

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